A LEADING law firm is now better placed to support families whose loved ones have autism after its employees were given valuable training.

Ellisons Solicitors, in Headgate Court, Colchester, has introduced specialised assistance for individuals with autism, their partners, and families raising a child with autism.

The initiative was sparked by an increase in autistic clients seeking legal advice during the 2020 pandemic.

The trained staff of the Ellisons Family Team will be able to provide expert advice to individuals who are going through a separation and raising autistic children.

They are committed to understanding the uniqueness of the autistic person's needs to inform their services effectively.

Senior associate, MaryCarmel Wilson, who spearheaded the project, stressed the importance of understanding and compassion towards autistic individuals.

"There is a wonderful saying about autism which is ‘When you have met one autistic person, you have met one autistic person’ and I will continue my journey of understanding about what autism means for individuals and society," she said.

Through Autism Anglia's training, the team now recognises the significance of good communication and consistent surrounds for autistic individuals.

Audits of meeting rooms have been undertaken to create a more comfortable and accommodating environment where possible.

The team also adjusts communication styles where required, using tools like bullet points and contrasting colours to ensure readability.

Furthermore, assistance extends to anyone separating or divorcing an autistic person, with the team conscious of how these processes could impact ex-spouses or partners.

Lisa Dawson, partner and head of the Ellisons Family Team, expressed her gratitude toward Autism Anglia for the training they received.

"We now understand that it is often much easier for the autistic person to meet in person or via Teams rather than on the telephone and this is something we are mindful of," she mentioned.

The Ellisons Family Team is actively involved in raising funds for Autism Anglia, participating in events like the Autism Anglia Corporate Challenge and Silly Sock Day.

To access these services for autistic families, people are advised to visit Ellisons Solicitor's webpage.