Trinity Avenue, a road in Mildenhall, has been crowned “The Worst Road in West Suffolk” by residents. This follows the sign installed outside a garden that reads “Pothole Avenue”. Images of the road show its poor condition- potholes have appeared on one of its sides. However, no move has yet been made to repair this, despite its only worsening condition.

Potholes, whilst not strictly dangerous, can have negative impacts- wheels, tyres and suspension can be damaged. Debris from the holes could also lead to cracked or chipped windscreens and punctures. In an extraordinary case, severe damage to a car whilst it is on the road could be a huge issue, perhaps causing an accident. However, in the most likely case, it will just make the drive a more unpleasant experience.

Whilst these have not yet been filled in, money has been spent on putting up metal rails around green areas near St Mary’s primary school, shown in one of the images, right next to the location of the potholes. Many could argue that this is not necessary- especially when a road is badly damaged nearby.

This has angered some residents who might face damage to their vehicles due to this. There are two signs along the road, one reading “Pothole Avenue” (which has since been taken down) and another “Worst Road in West Suffolk” with a picture of a trophy. Ironically, the latter has been attached to the metal rails at the corner of the road.

The question left to ask for the residents of Trinity Avenue is; will the council be fixing the road anytime soon?