Exam regulations for the GCSE exams in 2024 encompass a set of rules and guidelines designed by Oqfal to ensure fairness, integrity, and security throughout the examination process. These regulations cover various aspects including the use of permitted equipment such as calculators or dictionaries, guidelines regarding conduct during exams to prevent cheating or plagiarism, and requirements for punctuality and attendance. Students must adhere strictly to these regulations to maintain the integrity of their examinations. Failure to comply with exam regulations may result in penalties or disqualification from the examination. Now, that is a distressing consequence, isn’t it ?

Some of these rules and regulations published by Oqfal that are similar across the different awarding bodies are :

  • make sure you have your personal assessment timetable and know ahead of time where and when your exams or assessments are, including when you need to arrive
  • know what equipment you’re allowed to take in for each exam or assessment – this includes approved calculators that are only allowed in some exams and assessments
  • use a clear pencil case and, if you need a water bottle, remove the label
  • don’t take a mobile phone, watch or any communication device into an exam, even if it is switched off, as you could lose marks or be disqualified
  • when you receive your exam paper, check it has the correct information on it, for example, date, name and tier of exam
  • if you are not sure about anything, raise this immediately with the exam invigilator listen carefully and follow all instructions given by the exam invigilator

Your school or college may offer to arrange any reasonable adjustments or access arrangements. This may include, extra time, access to modified papers ( big text etc) and help with any specific tasks such as writing dictated answers. These arrangements are usually co-ordinated by the school or college’s SENDco department. These arrangements will be considered if you are : affected by a temporary illness or injury or are missing an assessment unavoidably due to an unforeseen incident.

The GCSE examinations will be held from the 9th of May to 25th June 2024. The results for the GCSE examinations will be available to you on the 22nd of August 2024.

For further information regarding the GCSE exams 2024, please visit the Oqfal or the JCQ website.