AN exotic bully-type dog that was used for breeding before being dumped in Colchester is up for adoption following crowd-funded life-saving surgery. 

The team at Colchester K9 rescue, an independent dog rescue facility, said that Bubbles, a stray exotic bully dog, has recently recovered from surgery for obstructive airways and so is up for adoption.

A total of £800 was raised for surgery for Bubbles, who struggled to breathe and keep down food or water due to her brachycephalic obstructive airway syndrome (BOAS).

Before Bubbles went into surgery last week, her nostrils were too tight but now they are open again. 

BOAS is common to bull breeds as well as pugs, Boston Terriers, and Pekinese due to the breeds' flat faces causes selective breeding often meaning their tongues are too big for their skull. 

Bubbles, who is approximately three years old, will be spayed, vaccinated, chipped, and checked by a vet before any adoption.

Gazette: Happy - Bubbles with his now wide and open nostrilsHappy - Bubbles with his now wide and open nostrils (Image: Colchester K9 rescue)

Tanya Malone, from the dog rescue centre, says she believes Bubbles was used for breeding and was then abandoned.

She said the dog had "sad signs" that he was neglected or abused, including her mutilated ears as well as blunt teeth.

Bubbles can live with other dogs, but ideally would not live with cats as her "very inquisitive" nature might not be appreciated by some felines. 

She also has no dietary needs, is house-trained, and travels well in the car.

Gazette: Crisis - Colchester dog rescue centre in plea for donations after an increase in abandoned poochesCrisis - Colchester dog rescue centre in plea for donations after an increase in abandoned pooches (Image: Colchester K9 rescue)

A home that has previously had British bulldogs would be ideal, as Bubbles closely resembles the breed’s nature.

While the UK Bully Kennel Club said that the exotic bully is a “very recent breed” of the American bully.

Colchester K9 rescue will also be holding a dog show and 'family fun day' on April 20 at the Peldon and Wigbrough community hall. 

All breeds are welcome with rosettes, prizes, and certificates up for grabs in categories such as best rescue boy and girl. 

To find out more visit Colchester K9 Rescue on Facebook.