A YOUNG mum is opening a second-hand store for baby clothes in Colchester to combat the lack of stores selling garments for youngsters in the city.

Katie Marie Naum, 27, is a mum-of-two, a student pharmacist, and soon to be proud owner of a new shop in Long Wyre Street called Millie and Mables. 

It will offer clothing for toddlers and children up to the age of ten-years-old, as well as baby bundles, shoes, school uniforms, party wear and costumes. 

Katie was inspired to launch the business venture after struggling to find suitable clothes for her daughters Millie, 8, and Mable, 1, at an affordable price.

She said: “I shop a lot on Vinted, but I realised that when you use the platform and get to the checkout, it still costs a fortune. 


“You also can’t always trust you will get what you are looking at online. So, one day, I just thought about opening my own shop as a solution for that.

“I also wanted to make it affordable, especially with many parents struggling with the cost of living. 

“I feel like Colchester is lacking baby and kids shops, we have a few stores like Primark or H&M, but not much else.” 


Once the second-hand clothes are sourced, Katie checks the brand and condition, before deciding on pricing.

Juggling her children and studies while preparing for the shop opening has not been easy Katie says, but she is thankful for all the support she has received. 

“I was nervous about the shop opening, but the responses I have had online have been absolutely amazing," she added.

“It was very reassuring to hear from others and I have the intuition that it is the right thing to do.” 

Being a huge supporter of sustainable shopping, Katie is now hoping to find more parents to join her in adopting a more environmentally friendly approach. 

She said: “The UK’s textile waste is awful and we have already saved more than 1,000 garments from going to landfill. 

Gazette: Mother - Katie Naum, 27, and her daughters Millie and Mable

“I want to tell parents and all those who shop with us that they are becoming part of helping the environment and being more sustainable.” 

Millie and Mables will open its doors on April 1.