A ROAD in Colchester is being used as a "rat run" by dangerous drivers who are prone to ignoring traffic signs in the area, "cheesed off" residents have said.

Hythe Hill homeowners have grown fed up with the number of motorists reportedly using their street to avoid traffic and ignoring official signs.

Despite a 'No Motor Vehicle' sign being in place, and a bus stop on the lane going up the hill, residents say drivers still consistently use the road.

A missing 'Except For Access' sign is also proving a problem.

One resident said: “I’ve been living at the bottom of Hythe Hill for over ten years now.

"Drivers blatantly disregard the signs on Hythe Hill, which causes a nuisance to me and my neighbours. 

“I’ve written to my MP, to my councillors, to Colchester Council, to Essex County Council, to the Highways Agency and the police.


“There was once an 'Except For Access' sign under one of the 'No Vehicles' signs, which meant people could drive to their houses or the local businesses up the road," they added.

"However, the road was used as a rat run up to the rest of Hythe Hill.  

“Unfortunately, now that one of the 'Except For Access' signs has gone, this means, I suppose, officially all of us residents who drive up the road to get to our houses are breaking the law."


According to the resident, a bus lane with cameras in the road also prevents residents from accessing their homes from the top end of the street. 

“I doubt there will be any action from the authorities, but I am, and many other residents are getting cheesed off with the situation," they added.

Bosses at Essex Highways have now had their say.

A spokesman said: “The integrity of road signage on our network is very important to us.

“If any members of the public see damaged road signs or believe there to be an issue with them, we encourage them to report it to us."

To report any issues visit essexhighways.org/tell-us/lights-signals-and-signs/signs.