UNIVERSITY students in Colchester can now access help from mental health specialists as a new team arrives on campus. 

Specialists from the Essex Partnership University NHS Foundation Trust (EPUT) are now located at the University of Essex’s health centre. 

A small team of nurses and occupational therapists support students on the Colchester campus with assessments and help to access treatment. 

Particularly, for students who may be away from home and their familiar support networks of family and friends will be able to get help, supported by a GP and the university’s wellbeing team. 


George Davidson, associate director of North East Essex Community and Dementia Services at EPUT, said: “University is a time of fun and excitement but it can also be a difficult time for some, particularly students who are away from home.

"Loneliness, combined with exam and financial pressures, can impact mental health. 

“We work closely with our partners at the university and across the health and care system to make sure students feel supported, know help is available and how to access it if they find themselves struggling.” 

The new mental health team will also attend events on campus to raise awareness of the new services and staff will receive specialist training to recognise students at risk.