A DEDICATED woman says she "is a bit famous now" after unveiling an impressive knitted post box topper in honour of the RNLI’s milestone anniversary.

Janet Lelliott, 80, from Rowhedge, is a keen knitter  and has previously produce creations for the Colchester Blanketeers and made Remembrance Day poppies.

This time she set herself the challenge of making a post box topper to celebrate 200 years of the RNLI.

And it has captured the attention of residents in the village since she placed the large knitted design on a post box in Regent Street.

Having previously volunteered as an RNLI fundraiser, Ms Lelliott admires the work of the lifesaving volunteers.

She said: “It was a bit of a challenge, I used to be a fundraiser for them so I decided I would do it.

Gazette: Creative - post box topper knitted by JanetCreative - post box topper knitted by Janet (Image: Heather Doyle)

“It’s a massive achievement, 200 years of the RNLI. I support them where I can, I fundraised for them up until Covid.

“I hope people keep supporting them, the conditions they go out in, it’s amazing. They often put themselves in danger to help others.

“They are all volunteers and the work they do is truly lifesaving.”

The post box topper took months of preparation and weeks to make, with Janet setting herself a goal to finish it this month.

She said: “I thought this was a good opportunity, I experimented at the beginning of the year and set myself the challenge.

“The post box here is head height, you have to get a stool to reach it. I had to get somebody from the café to come out and help me put it up.

“The actual top took weeks to make as there’s an awful lot of shaping involved. You have to plan it months in advance.

“I’ve made lots of toys for my grandchildren and was inspired by that.

“It can be quite tedious to knit them, there’s lots of little details involved. Some people make them out of old jumpers or blankets.

“I hadn’t realised it would get so much interest. It was quite sweet to see all the comments. I feel a bit famous now.”