IF I could choose one meal to have every day for the rest of my life, it would be pie and mash.

So, when I heard about a new pie and mash restaurant opening in Colchester my attention was immediately grabbed and my intrigue piqued. 

The Peckham Pie and Mash cafe and bar has not long been up and running at 10 Trinity Street in Colchester but is already proving popular.

Gazette: Traditional - Peckham Pie and Mash restaurantTraditional - Peckham Pie and Mash restaurant (Image: Newsquest)

All of the pies, mash and liquor are supplied by M. Manze of Peckham, a famous pie and mash supplier which first opened in 1902.

I stumbled into the cafe on a weekday lunchtime at about 11.30am. There was nobody else in there except me to start with.

A friendly man behind the bar, who I believe was the owner, showed me the menu which also specifies all options can be made vegan too. 

He also offered me a selection of toasties, paninis or hot dogs.

Gazette: Options - pie and mash menuOptions - pie and mash menu (Image: Newsquest)

But I was here for one thing: pie, mash and liquor. It had been some time since I had a classic pie-and-mash dinner at a restaurant, so I was eager to revisit the dish. 

I also ordered a cappuccino to accompany my meal, which arrived quickly along with a small biscuit.

There is some seating downstairs as well as four tables in a small upstairs area. I opted for the upstairs seating and settled into a comfy sofa chair in the corner.

Gazette: Relaxed - upstairs seating are at Peckham Pie and Mash restaurantRelaxed - upstairs seating are at Peckham Pie and Mash restaurant (Image: Newsquest)

I loved the relaxed feel of the restaurant, and clearly so did many others, as it soon started filling up with people looking for a good lunch.

The pie and mash came within ten minutes and looked incredible. The presentation was great, exactly what you want for a traditional pie and mash.

Gazette: Classic - meat pie, mash and liquor Classic - meat pie, mash and liquor (Image: Newsquest)

I was also really surprised with the price, it was very good value, costing me just £7.99 for one pie, mash and liquor.

The portion size was also very generous and just what I needed. If I was feeling even hungrier, I could have opted for a second pie for just £2 more.

The parsley liquor wasn’t too overpowering, and the quality of the pie was incredible. It was a gorgeous crispy pastry pie with quality low-fat minced meat inside.

Gazette: Delicious - meat filling of the Peckham pieDelicious - meat filling of the Peckham pie (Image: Newsquest)

By the time I cleared the plate, the restaurant was heaving with people, which surprised me for a weekday.

There was a great atmosphere downstairs too as restaurant goers enjoyed their food whilst chatting to the owner.

I won’t hesitate to return for another hearty meal at a very reasonable price.

Gazette: Cosy - outside the Peckham pie and mash café and barCosy - outside the Peckham pie and mash café and bar (Image: Newsquest)