WHO doesn’t love a sweet treat after an afternoon of shopping in Colchester?

That’s what I thought when I went into the new dessert shop in Lion Walk Shopping Centre.

Minoffles recently opened the doors to its fourth store in the country, at 18b Culver Walk.

The dessert shop is open from Monday to Saturday from 11am to 6pm and Sunday 11am to 5pm.

Gazette: Inviting - outside the Minoffles site in Culver WalkInviting - outside the Minoffles site in Culver Walk (Image: Newsquest)

The business promises to provide desserts in a “friendly atmosphere and at an affordable price point that brings a little comfort, warmth and a moment of pleasure to customers' lives”.

I fancied a small dessert after walking around the city and scanned the menu, making a decision between waffles, ice cream, pancakes and bubble tea.

I was impressed to see a range of prices, making it a decent and affordable dessert option in the city.

I had already mentally opted for a strawberry and Nutella waffle on a stick before I stepped into the shop.

But I was caught off guard when I was offered the option of ‘create your own’ with a big list of toppings and sauces.

Despite this I stuck to my original choice.

Costing me just £4, I thought this was a reasonable price for a small fresh dessert.

There was just one man behind the counter, who was very friendly and chatty.

Gazette: Waiting - inside the Minoffles dessert shopWaiting - inside the Minoffles dessert shop (Image: Newsquest)

The shop was very clean inside and the man quickly put on a fresh pair of gloves before starting to make my dessert.

I sat and patiently waited for just five minutes before my freshly made waffle was handed to me.

I thanked the member of staff and decided to find a nearby bench to enjoy my sweet treat, as it was quite warm inside the shop.

I proudly carried my dessert to a nearby bench, clocking passersby admiring my dessert before I tucked in.

Gazette: Delicious - strawberry and Nutella waffle on a stickDelicious - strawberry and Nutella waffle on a stick (Image: Newsquest)

It was the perfect mix of crispy and soft, cooked perfectly and generously drizzled in Nutella.

Topped with slices of fresh strawberries too, I finished the dessert in just a couple of minutes. Having the dessert on a stick made it very easy to eat with little mess too.

I didn’t feel overly hungry before ordering but, after I finished the dessert, I had a taste for more and promised myself I would be back.