ST George is the patron saint of England and celebrations of his feast day have seen large crowds gathering across Colchester.

Believed to have died in the year 303, St George is said to have been of Cappadocian Greek origin and sentenced to death for refusing to recant his Christian faith.

Scouting groups have traditionally congregated in the city while marking St George’s Day, which takes place on April 23.

Let’s take a look back at some of the memorable St George’s Day celebrations in Colchester over the years.

Thousands of people paraded through Colchester in 2016, covering St John’s Street, Head Street, and along the High Street.

They saluted then-mayor Theresa Higgins at the Town Hall and held a Renewal of Promise ceremony at Castle Park. 

In 2018, up to 1,500 youngsters across approximately 27 different scout groups came together.

Starting off in Britannia car park in the afternoon, the assembled gathering walked through the then-town via Head Street and the High Street.

They also passed the town hall before finishing their journey at Castle Park.

In 2019, the parade comprising around 1,000 scouts, cubs and beavers had to be moved 15 minutes earlier after discovering the Colchester People’s Assembly planned to march the same route.

Large crowds also assembled at Castle Park for the 2022 celebration, making a return after being cancelled for the previous two years due to Covid.

However, it is not just scouting groups who have made grand gestures on St George’s Day.

In 2021, the aptly-named St George’s Primary School, in Great Bromley, held a celebration outside in the playground.

Pupils spent a week flexing their creative muscles while honouring the school’s namesake by writing poems, crafting stories and creating pieces of art.

They had been unable to have a traditional assembly due to social distancing rules at the time.