SHOCKING rising funeral cost mean Colchester residents are forking out more than £4,000 for a basic burial, it has been revealed. 

The 2024 Cost of Dying Report found the cost of a basic funeral has risen to £4,141, up from £3,953 the previous year.

This encompasses burial or cremation, funeral director fees, a mid-range coffin, one funeral limousine, and doctor and celebrant fees.

According to those surveyed, this has led to one in five families reporting “notable financial concerns”.

A total of 75 per cent of all respondents stated these costs had impacted their mental health, with 59 per cent saying they had to reduce certain aspects of funerals to manage costs.

Gazette: Increase - the average cost of a funeral is now more than £4,000Increase - the average cost of a funeral is now more than £4,000 (Image: Pixabay)

Colchester Gazette readers have aired their concerns over the rising costs.

Mark Chittock said a “decent burial should be a right, not a profit opportunity”, meanwhile Vanessa Jux dubbed the rise “disgusting”.

Vivien Collins was also shocked to see the rise.

She said: “That's nearly doubled since my mum died in 2017.

“I can see why a friend at work said she'd decided on a 'plain burial' when she goes.”

Susan Anne said: “I have had to pay for two funerals very close to each other in the past four years.

“What was shocking was the fact it was still as high during Covid when we couldn’t have family there.”

"Every industry is facing financial pressure"

Melanie Hunnaball, director of Hunnaball Family Funeral Group, believes the rises can be negated with ways to ease the financial strain of a funeral.

She said: “Every industry is facing financial pressure to raise prices, but these kinds of reports only serve to worry already bereaved people with broad figures which may not be relevant to certain individuals.

“Our priority is always the emotional support we can provide at a tumultuous time to people when emotions are running high and work to a budget we are given.

“The fact of the matter is there are more ways to negate rising costs than ever before when it comes to funerals, such as choosing a direct cremation."