A YOUNG mother has found a way to keep her daughter’s memory alive after her tragic death turned her life upside down. 

Demi Mair, 24, from Clacton, went through the horrible experience of losing her daughter, Romany Jane, who was born prematurely at 18 weeks, and sadly died on December 7. 

Her mother Collette Wood said: “Demi was then in early labour where she was given the terrible news that Romany wasn’t going to make it. 

“Demi spent five days in Colchester General and had some of the best midwives who were attentive, and caring.” 


After the devastating loss of her daughter at such an early stage, Demi struggled and battled with mental health issues. 

As her family, especially her mother, started to get worried, they suggested she find a new hobby, to help take off her mind. 

Demi said: “I came across this baking thing on YouTube and I just began to watch those videos online. I ordered the kit and began to teach myself by watching all these videos.” 

Baking cookie doughs, brownies, old-school cakes, and many other types of muffins and cakes for her business Sweetromy has given Demi a new sense of purpose. 

“It's kind of giving me that drive that get up and go to actually do something. And because I'm doing it for my daughter and to help other people is giving me a new drive for life,” she said. 

“I had a lot of people messaging me and saying, because they are going through a similar thing, I’ve been inspiring them and helped them go and find their own way. 

“People even told me they started their own little baking businesses because of me. It has been so lovely with all the responses I got.” 

With her baking, she found a way to keep her daughter Romany’s memory alive, as all her orders receive a memory token. 

The money Dami earns with her cakes is donated to charities for grieving parents and families, which have been helping her. 

Dami’s mum Collette is incredibly proud of her daughter, seeing that she found a way to deal with the tragic events. 

She said: “She is just amazing. I can’t believe how far she has come and it amazes me. As her mum, seeing that she has so much strength is just incredible.” 

Orders can be made via Facebook and Instagram.