An East Anglian bus operator aims for 50 per cent gender equality after it launched a new campaign on International Women’s Day. 

Hedingham and Chambers, who are part of the Go-Ahead Group, plan to recruit more women drivers and want to achieve gender equality by 2035. 

The “Go-Ahead Women” initiative was launched on International Women’s Day and sets the goal to attract and recruit women drivers across their operations in North Essex and Suffolk 

At the moment, the company says 16.8 per cent of its work force are women, close to the objective to reach 20 per cent by 2025, which was set five years ago. 


The bus provider is also investing £8million in upgrading their bus depot facilities, including the work to create a more inclusive work environment for female employees. 

Matt Carney, bus CEO for Go-Ahead said: "Gender equality isn't just a goal – it's a commitment to building a better future for all.  

“By setting an ambitious target to achieve 50 per cent gender parity by 2035 and investing £8 million to support women drivers in their work environment, we are taking decisive steps to create a more inclusive and equitable workplace." 

Recruitment opportunities can be found online.