Colchester Medical Society will celebrate their 250th anniversary by hosting a special day of lectures. 

Medical History Day will take place on Saturday, March 16.

Located at the United Reform Church, Lion Walk in Colchester Town Centre, the event will bring historians and enthusiasts together for a series of intriguing lectures exploring various milestones in medical history.

The day begins at 10am with the introduction by Dr Paul Byrne.

Following this, Dr Russell Cowan will present The Colchester Medical Society 1774 - 2024 at 10.30am.

At 11.35am, Dr Fab Casale will talk about the 200-year-old Essex County Hospital, highlighting the changes in medical and surgical practices.

Post lunch at 1.15pm, Dr Jane Pearson will delve into the history of the Lock Hospital in Colchester.

At 2pm, Dr Peter Kennedy will offer a personal retrospective of hospital changes over the past 50 years.

After a tea break at 2.40pm, the focus shifts back to Dr Paul Byrne at 3pm, who will discuss a condition called Soldier's Heart, significant to Colchester's medical history.

Dr Caroline Sheldrick and Dr Elizabeth Hall will then discuss Women in Medicine since 1774 and Colchester’s Women doctors at 4pm.

The event concludes with Mr Richard Pusey's talk at 5pm about vaccination in the 18th century in Essex.

The free event which concludes at 5.45pm, encourages attendees to stay for all or part of the day with advanced booking through Eventbrite recommended.