A HUGE pothole which "only seems to be getting bigger" is finally due to be resurfaced after months of complaints.

The pothole is on the roundabout between Layer Road and Berechurch Hall Road.

Residents in the area and councillors alike claim they have been reporting the problem with no avail for weeks.

Gazette: Road - The potholeRoad - The pothole (Image: Dave Harris)

Dave Harris, ward councillor for Berechurch, said: "I have raised the state of this busy roundabout for months as it has deteriorated much over the past year.

"Motorcyclists and cyclists are at risk here, we are supposed to be a bike-friendly city,  yet bikers have to risk life and limb over this junction 

"It's bad enough for cars to suffer the lumps, bumps and dips, but for two wheels it's deadly, like lots of potholes in this area."

Mr Harris claims the pothole has been getting larger and larger for months with seemingly nothing being done about it.

He said: "I am told it will be a re-surfaced but needs doing now, not in the months to come."

Gazette: Danger - Dave Harris and Jayden Clifford with the potholeDanger - Dave Harris and Jayden Clifford with the pothole (Image: Dave Harris)

Residents of the area use the roundabout almost every day and find the damage on the roundabout to be unacceptable. 

Jayden Clifford, a resident from Holt Drive, said: "It's unacceptable to see this junction in such a mess, my family pay tax on my vehicle and council tax, and I feel the area needs a resurface straight away "

Essex Highways has confirmed workers will be resurfacing the road in a few months.

A spokesman from Essex Highways said: “In order to maximise our resources, we have to fix the most urgent issues first, however, all defects reported to us are assessed by an inspector.

“We therefore encourage members of the public to report any defects or issues they find through our online Tell Us tool at www.essexhighways.org/tell-us.

“As part of our 2024/25 capital works programme, the roundabout between Layer Road and Berechurch Road is due to be resurfaced in April.

“To find out more information on these works, please visit https://one.network/?GB136976046.”