GREENSTEAD'S streets are set to be made safer again after funding for a new street warden has been granted. 

Funding for the Safer Streets warden in the Colchester neighbourhood ran out in October, and Casey Harrison, the former warden had to leave his post. 

Now, the Police, Fire and Crime Commission has agreed to allocate funding to the much-needed position and new warden Will Aldis is already in place. 

Roger Hirst, said: “We’re always happy to work with partners to continue projects which build safe and secure communities. 

Gazette: Welcome - Will Aldis, the new "Safer Streets" warden for Greenstead with Councillors Julie and Tim

“We first secured funding for the street warden role in August 2022 as part of a Safer Streets project which resulted in £264,043 Safer Streets funding plus £226,492 match funding from Colchester Council.  

“This role proved effective in increasing community safety in the Greenstead area and we were disappointed when the role ended. 

“We’ve secured further funding for a street warden for district-wide patrols, proactive work and continuation of community safety initiatives in the Greenstead area and we wish Will all the very best in his new role.” 

The street warden’s work includes checking on abandoned vehicles, and graffiti, going on patrols, educating people about waste and needle removal as well as up to 70 tasks requested by the community and councillors. 

Over the past 12 months, the previous warden also worked closely with housing agencies, hosted self-defence classes and assisted in emergencies. 

The Police, Fire and Crime Commission project, which receives funding from the Home Office, also saw more than 17 areas benefit from mobile CCTV and a reduction of flytipping in areas of up to 80 per cent. 


Councillor Julie Young was delighted to have a new warden for her ward after funding ran out. 

She said: “We had funding for one year and it came to a close in October. There is a great need for more community safety in Greenstead. 

“Luckily, it was agreed by the Police and Crime Commissioner that the need was there and Will Aldis started a couple of weeks ago in his new role.”