Emma- an exploration of love, family and friendship by one of history's finest authors.

Emma marks itself as one of Austen's most enthralling novels, casting a spell over reader's with its immense detail, and 'vivid' characters.

Whilst it may take a chapter or two to settle into Austen's fluid prose, it is most definitely worth the wait, and makes for a delightful read! The combination of Austen's 'vivid' character depictions- including the arrogant yet forgivable protagonist, Emma Woodhouse, and the shallow, ostentatious Mrs Augusta Weston- and spellbinding attention to plot detail makes for an emotional read more than likely to tug at your heart strings.

Across the novel, the theme of love is commonplace, with Austen discussing the importance (and lack of) of marriage, and what it means to a woman- a vision embodied by Emma Woodhouse, who's uncertainty resonates even today.

The dark side of love is also mentioned within the novel, from rejection, misunderstanding and prohibited love, love in all its passionate depths is experienced.

unlucky poor Mr Elton was in being in the same room at once with the woman he had just married , the woman he had wanted to marry, and the woman whom he had been expected to marry. 

Pg 275, Chapter XIV, Jane Austen

In interview with Elizabeth Harmer, we discussed her thoughts on Emma, which she described as being 'full of vivid descriptions so intricate that you can at most imagine the characters as close friends.'

Emma is a perfect for lovers of beautiful, romantic prose.