Previously, Kelvedon High Street left much to be desired in terms of the coffee shops and cafes it had offered. If you fancied a cup of tea or slice of cake you were out of luck. However, all that has changed recently with the introduction of two new local hotspots.  

Firstly, we have Edon. Offering not only hot and cold food and drinks, but also a wide range of home decor and gifts, Edon leaves no customers' needs unmet. With breakfast, lunch and brunch options available to eat in and takeaway, Edon makes for the perfect destination for a drink and bite to eat- or maybe even a browse!  

The newest addition to Kelvedon’s coffee shop selection is Otto, a “cosy cafe” with a “relaxed atmosphere.” With a diverse hot drinks menu, including artisan coffee, as well as paninis and homemade cakes, Otto is surely worth a visit. Additionally, its location right near Kelvedon station makes it a dream pit stop for any commuter in need of a bite. 

Not only do these cafes benefit locals by offering ideal, convenient, and enjoyable places to visit right on their doorstep, but they are also greatly crucial to bringing business into such a treasured community. The importance of coffee shops such as Edon and Otto cannot be undermined as they are key in providing a hub for community and coming together in Kelvedon. 

Make sure to give these local treasures a visit- you do not want to miss out!