Local Activists – Frances Newman and Solma Ahmed initiated Sunday Rallies in Colchester town, placed in front of the Colchester War Memorial. The first protest started in October, following this many local activists have continued for 20 consecutive protests with the support of Palestine Solidarity Campaign (PSC), the rallies will continue until there is ceasefire. They ask that Palestinians living in the Gaza strip are given aid and the attacks are stopped by calling immediate ceasefire. Many governments, including Britain provide a helping hand to Israel by supplying more weapons for Israel to be used. Even though, the upsetting history between Palestine and Israel goes a long way, these gatherings were only started after Israel’s retaliatory attack on the Gaza Strip, beginning 7th October 2023.

The Palestine Solidarity campaign is the largest campaigning organisation for Palestinian rights in Europe and encourages individuals to join as members to further their cause.

The Gaza strip is densely populated and has been under control of Hamas since 2007. With a population of 2.3 million Palestinians; many have had to flee their homes while over 30,000 people have been killed since October 7th. The living conditions have become unbearable, and a ceasefire is crucial to stop innocent people being harmed in the process.

The local activists gather every Sunday at 12 and aim to create awareness about the Palestinian rights by creating a physical presence and in turn forming an online presence. This helps the residents become aware of and raise their concerns about the humanitarian crisis to the local MP. In view of their position, the MPS have a duty to represent the concerns of the constituents in the parliament. The MPs also have the power to lobby for these concerns and interests and therefore represent the urgency for a ceasefire.