As part of the 16th Serbian month, on February 8, the Serbian City Club had the opportunity to host University Lecturer and author Lazar Džamić, who explained the topic of ethics in digital media and marketing.

Founded to further the interests of Serbian professionals in the UK and Serbia, the Serbian City Club is a non-profit, apolitical group. They aim to provide a networking platform for professionals in the City of London and those who have returned to Serbia.

The 16th consecutive Serbian month is held this year from January 27 to March 9 across Great Britain. Various events, from book and movie promotions to various talks and online events, are taking place at various locations around the country.

A special event held at the Serbian Embassy in London on February 8 called 'A Coffee with...' hosted a very important guest named Lazar Džamić, one of the world's leading digital strategists and former head of brand planning at Google's European headquarters. 

During the discussion with Mr Džamić, we investigated the topic of ethics in digital media and marketing and business overall, which is reflected differently in the development of environmental pollution, consumerism, social sciences, methods of data collection and manipulation. 

'The concept of business externalities is many things that are happening today, meaning that we have a predominant culture that is accepted by many governments, where businesses are allowed to externalise their costs onto society', said Mr Džamić. 

Furthermore, it was discussed how the perception in today's media shapes our social and individual attitudes what impact it has on broader aspects of social interactions, and the effects on different generations.

Finally, Mr. Džamić explained in more detail whether the emergence of artificial intelligence has an impact on this debate and how the current situation in Great Britain can help Serbia in its further development and vice versa.