Cambridge academy of science and technology (CAST) hires a small group of actors to perform CAST’s first ever live performance within the school’s doors. The group of four actors (Quantum theatre company London) received many thanks from teachers and students for performing an entertaining yet accurate version of Macbeth.

Sometimes in plays, the director likes to change things around; either to increase the popularity of the performance (for example: a scene is changed for comedic effect). But not this time:  the Quantum theatre company played the scenes to the letter, displaying an accurate version of Macbeth, displaying the importance of keeping a great play as it is. Every line was thought through  every scene decided with great consideration, just to bring a small school a little bit closer to the gory Shakespeare tale.

The year 11 students at CAST appreciated the company’s efforts as it would help engrain the scenes and events within their minds, which might yet prove helpful towards their exams ahead.