AN up-and-coming record store in Colchester will be holding two pop-up events in the city centre over the weekend. 

Stone Rock Records will be based at 37 Layer Road from 8am until 5pm on Friday and Saturday and at Two Brews on Sunday from 12pm until 4pm.

The pop-up shops will be selling an endless amount of records spanning a range of different genres, from classic rock, new wave and jazz to folk, and funk.

Gazette: Owner - Jonathan Stoneman, 22, the owner of Stone Rock Records Owner - Jonathan Stoneman, 22, the owner of Stone Rock Records (Image: Jonathan Stoneman)

Jonathan Stoneman, the owner of Stone Rock Records, said: "Running my pop-up store is fantastic, I get to be surrounded by the music I love and I also get to explore genres and styles I normally wouldn’t.

"It's incredibly fulfilling and exciting to be part of an industry which is making a resurgence. 

"Listening to records as full albums without being able to skip to the next song, allows for you to experience the art the way the artist intended it.

"I get customers of all age groups and backgrounds, coming together, all trying to appreciate their favourite records."

Gazette: Busy - The pop-up record shop full of collectorsBusy - The pop-up record shop full of collectors (Image: Jonathan Stoneman)

"We currently have more of an emphasis on second-hand vinyl as you can’t beat the sound that comes off of those records.

"However, we also have a growing collection of factory-sealed reissues of everyone's favourites and some new pressings from music made in the last decade."

The store is also on the lookout for record sellers and people who may be willing to part with their inherited or unused vinyl.

Gazette: Cosy - One of the venues the pop-up store showed up atCosy - One of the venues the pop-up store showed up at (Image: Jonathan Stoneman)

Jonathan, 22, added: "The goal is to have a record shop one day, but for now, the pop-ups are a brilliant way of spreading our brand across different locations across Essex.

"Each pop-up brings different types of people, opportunistic buyers, record collectors with lists that need completing, and some that are new to the format, excited to give it a try."

For more information go to or find them at @stonerockrecords on Facebook or Instagram.