A COMEDIAN and performance artist is bringing her acclaimed theatre production which explores the topic of online gambling to a Colchester venue.

Hannah Walker is bringing ‘Gamble’ to the Mercury Theatre, in Balkerne Gate, Colchester, on March 22.

The production is co-created by Hannah and Rosa Postlethwait. 

It follows a previous string of preview dates which were so successful that a member of the audience donated £50,000 to NHS Northern Gambling Service.

It delves into addiction, gambling, loss, and resilience, while aiming to de-stigmatise addiction, whilst also showing an experience of being in love with a compulsive gambler.

Gazette: Performance - Hannah Walker and Faye Alvi during a previous production of GamblePerformance - Hannah Walker and Faye Alvi during a previous production of Gamble (Image: Andrew Moore)

The theatre production also features an in-depth post-show discussion with Dr Matthew Gaskell, a clinical lead and consultant psychologist for the NHS Northern Gambling Service.

Hannah is keen to shine a light on the issue of gambling.

She said: “There is still a huge taboo around gambling and compulsive gamblers often feel deep shame that prevents them from seeking support from friends, family and health professionals.

“We saw a big impact from the previews alone including a donation of £50,000 to the NHS Northern Gambling Service from an audience member.

“I’m excited to see what we can achieve by taking the show across the country on tour.

“It’s so important that people understand that compulsive gambling is an addiction; it has nothing to do with someone’s character.” 

Tickets cost £13.50 with a fee included.

To purchase tickets, head to mercurytheatre.co.uk/event/gamble.