A MAN accused of murdering a married couple having manipulated them by creating false personas searched online how to “change” a voice on a call , a court heard.

Luke D’Wit, 34, is charged with murdering Carol and Stephen Baxter in their West Mersea home in Victory Road, in April last year.

On the fifth day of the trial at Chelmsford Crown Court, jurors were presented with more evidence from the prosecutions while witnesses were questioned about the sequence of events.

Emergency responders PC Bradbrook and Robert Boorman, a community volunteer first responder took the witness stand to tell the court about what happened on April 9.


Robert recalled his arrival at the Baxters’ home, where he was let in through the front door to the conservatory, where he saw two people sitting in chairs surrounded by “a lot of broken glass”.

When checking for Carol’s and Stephen’s pulses, he remembered they were “quite grey” and “cold to the touch”.

Mr Boorman said: “There was nothing we felt we could do for them.”

Carolyn Taylor, an Essex Police crime intelligence analyst, was also called to the stand to present her “thousands of hours” work, much of which consisted of analysing data from mobile devices related to the case.

The analysis provided a detailed picture of how the Baxters’ phones and tablets were used, as well as some of the more than 80 devices found at D’Wit’s home address.

Parts of the analysed data revealed a £6,000 transaction from the couple’s personal bank account to their business account on April 7, at about 7.21pm, labelled as a ‘loan’.

Following the death of Carol and Stephen Baxter, their daughter Ellena Baxter confided in a supposed friend of her parents called Jenny.

According to the prosecution, Jenny is the name of a made-up persona by D’Wit, which he used to allegedly manipulate the family.


Text messages between Ellena and Jenny showed their conversations about the procedures after Baxter’s passing, financial advice and dealing with family.

The court also heard about web searches made on devices found at D’Wit’s, including “Business plan template”, “What happens if a director dies” and “change voice on a live call”.

The trial continues.