A MAN was reportedly sprayed in the face with an "unknown substance" on his own doorstep by armed attackers, prompting police to launch an investigation. 

Essex Police officers are currently looking into reports of an attack which took place  about 7.45am, in St Leonards Road, on February 5. 

According to the force, the victim was sprayed in the face with a substance after answering his front door to two men.

His front door was also left damaged as a result of the broad daylight altercation, with eyewitnesses claiming they have since seen stab marks on the door.

The assault was witnessed by a resident who is said to have been visiting her friend who lives only “ten to 15 houses” down the street at the time. 

They say they heard the victim wincing in pain after being sprayed in the face before two men got in a van and drove off.

The witness, who herself was left shaken-up by what she saw, also claims they heard one of the men urging the other to “stab him, stab him”.

“It’s normally such a quiet area so when you you see two people standing there with a knife, you do worry, and think, are they going to turn on you," she added.

“This was in broad daylight, when children were walking to school. It’s normally such a quiet area.”

Essex Police are now appealing for anyone with information relating to the attack to contact the force as soon as possible. 

A spokesman said: “We are currently investigating an assault, which took place on St Leonards Road in Colchester on February 5.

“The victim answered the door to two men at about 7:45am, who sprayed him with an unknown substance.

"The victim's front door was also damaged. Enquiries remain ongoing.”

To contact Essex Police call 101 or phone Crimestoppers anonymously on 0800 555 111.

Alternatively, reports can be made via the Essex Police website by visiting essex.police.uk.