A new ophthalmic clinic has opened in Colchester, dedicated to providing NHS cataract surgery for patients across Essex.

Optegra Eye Clinic Colchester, part of Optegra Eye Health Care network, opened its doors on Monday. 

It aims to provide timely, convenient care to the one in three adults diagnosed with cataracts in the area.

Richard Armitage, NHS director for Optegra Eye Health Care, said: "We are opening clinics in a series of new locations, and Colchester is the first of our new clinic openings in 2024.

"We are delighted to be supporting existing ophthalmic services in the area."

The Optegra network has a reputation for five-star facilities and leading ophthalmic surgeons.

The new clinic will aim to provide treatment within six weeks of referral.


Mr Armitage said: "Cataract patients simply need to ask their optician or GP to refer them to Optegra Eye Clinic Colchester and we look forward to welcoming them," Armitage added.

Cllr John Jowers, mayor of Colchester, added: "We are delighted that Optegra has chosen Colchester as the location for its latest clinic opening.

"With our recent city status and expanding population, it seems fitting that we are increasing our healthcare provision."

Mr Jowers also praised the clinic's tranquil and welcoming atmosphere.

The clinic will feature top-tier surgical equipment, and patients will enjoy five-star surroundings for their consultation and treatment.

Alongside patient benefits, the clinic will provide new job opportunities for locals, both administrative and clinical roles.

Mr Mahmoud Radwan, a surgeon from Colchester, will head the surgeries at this clinic.

He said: "I thoroughly enjoy helping people to see well again.

"There is nothing better than the first post-operative day when we take the patch off and our patient can see again, it’s magical.

"I am looking forward to all the advanced technologies available in the new clinic and I will be so pleased to help high volumes of local cataract patients."

Optegra Eye Clinic Colchester is located at Oyster House, Severalls Lane, Colchester CO4 9PD.

To find out more about the clinic, visit optegra.com/hospital-and-clinics/optegra-eye-clinic-colchester.