A NURSERY where children were found “running around with food in their mouths” due to not being “adequately supervised” has been rated slammed by watchdogs. 

Plume Avenue Nursery, in Colchester, has been rated adequate after a one-day inspection by Ofsted last month.

Inspector Lyndsey Barwick criticised the nursery for its ineffective safeguarding and supervision, unambitious curriculum, unstimulating interactions and more.

She also said she was left unimpressed with safeguarding arrangements, saying they were not effective. Gazette: Ofsted gave the rating following an inspection last monthOfsted gave the rating following an inspection last month (Image: N/A)The report reads: “Weaknesses in the provider's safeguarding procedures and the arrangements regarding children's allergies mean children's well-being and safety are not assured.

“The provider does not ensure children are adequately supervised while eating.

“During a food-tasting activity, staff failed to notice children were running around with pieces of fruit in their mouth.

“They visually check the contents of children's lunch boxes but fail to take action if items, such as grapes, are not cut to a safe size before children eat them.

“This lack of supervision and awareness affects children's well-being.”

The inspector also said staff are “not providing children with interactions which stimulate curiosity, interest, or excitement”.

The report continued: “The provider does not ensure children benefit from an ambitious curriculum or staff have good knowledge and skills to support children in their learning.

“This limits the opportunities children have to make good progress in their learning.”Gazette: Plume Avenue Nursery is in the road's churchPlume Avenue Nursery is in the road's church (Image: Google)

The nursery was, however, praised for its staff’s polite and kind nature to children, adding children behave “appropriately”.

It also said staff provide children with “daily opportunities for exercise and fresh air”, such as riding bikes around the garden.

The nursery, which described the inspection as “stressful” and unpleasant”, said it is working on improvements.

A spokesman said: “We are all obviously very disappointed with the outcome of our Ofsted visit in January but took immediate action to rectify the concerns raised.

“The inspection was a stressful, and sometimes unpleasant experience for everyone involved at Plume Avenue Nursery, especially those newer members of staff who had never experienced an inspection before. 

“Despite that, we have updated all our policies and procedures and feel with the support of all our families, our local early years education partners and mentors from the government-sponsored Covid recovery programme we are already well on our way to meeting Ofsted's requirements.”