A TIPTREE woman is launching a new "therapeutic setting" to help fill the gaps in services for people with diagnoses such as autism and ADHD.

Jill McGrath, founder of Spectrum SEN Services, will be opening her new support and wellbeing space in Tiptree.

The hope is that it will help both individuals with neurodiversity related diagnoses and their families.

Spectrum SEN Services offers online and in-person support because, as Jill says, there is “limited support in general for neurodiverse diagnoses”.

Jill added: “The wait time for a diagnosis can be more than two years and once a diagnosis has been given there is limited post diagnostic support, with parents often being sent away with a report, leaflets and a few websites to look at.

“This is shocking for a lifelong diagnosis that affects people daily.”

Gazette: Frontage - Jill McGrath also said it would be great to have frontage on the 'high street' for mental health like solicitors or accountantsFrontage - Jill McGrath also said it would be great to have frontage on the 'high street' for mental health like solicitors or accountants (Image: Submitted)

The new therapeutic setting will be at the Centre in Church Road and has a range of sensory equipment and lighting.

Jill said she created the therapeutic space because of evidence that neurodivergent brains “work overtime” due to sensory processing needs causing high levels of anxiety and stress meaning they need to have access to calming environments to regulate their nervous systems.

As well as individuals with neurodivergence, Jill said it was very important to support siblings and families, with an Easter holiday craft and wellbeing session already being planned.

On Saturday February, 24 there will be an opening event where people can look around but booking is essential due to limited space.

Gazette: Educational - Inside the new 'therapeutic setting'Educational - Inside the new 'therapeutic setting' (Image: Submitted)

Jill further revealed she herself is neurodivergent and said she understands the barriers faced by people of all ages, particularly in education.

She added: “There are a lot of late diagnosis with adults at the moment with many parents, including myself, finding out more about themselves now.

“Knowledge is power, learn about your diagnosis, to successfully manage it”.

Jill, who has degree in supporting children with special educational needs and disabilities and is also trained in play-based therapies, offers free consultation.

To find out more visit facebook.com/SpectrumSENServices.