A “WARM, welcoming and inclusive” preschool with “passionate staff” and “enthusiastic children” has been lauded by watchdogs in a fresh report.

Great Tey Preschool has been rated outstanding by Ofsted following a one-day inspection last month.

The committee-run preschool is set up in Great Tey Village Hall and runs every day during term time, providing Early Years care for children attending a variety of local schools.

The preschool’s deputy manager, Letitia Mather, also runs a baby and toddler group every Wednesday during term time.

Gazette: Site - the committee-run preschool is set up in Great Tey Village HallSite - the committee-run preschool is set up in Great Tey Village Hall (Image: Google)

Inspector Jessica Whiteley was full of praise for the preschool.

The report reads: “Children arrive full of enthusiasm to learn.

“Staff ensure children are taught the skills they need to be able to complete tasks and have autonomy over their own learning.

“As a result, children are extremely independent. What children know and can do is carefully built on to support them to make progress and develop their skills and knowledge.”

The inspector also noted there was a “focus on wellbeing for children and all staff greatly supporting children to learn about how they feel and be able to communicate these emotions”.

The staff team was described as “extremely passionate” and “highly skilled”.

The report continued: “They lead on different aspects of the preschool and work as an effective team to drive continuous improvement and create the best possible outcomes for children.

“All children, including those with special educational needs and/or disabilities, are supported to make excellent progress.”

Gazette: Watchdog - Ofsted inspected the school over a day last monthWatchdog - Ofsted inspected the school over a day last month (Image: N/A)

The management team meanwhile “aims to continually improve the preschool”, with leaders going “above and beyond” their roles to best support all children and their families.

“They also place an emphasis on their staff team and do all they can to support staff in their role,” the report added.

“This results in an extremely warm, welcoming and inclusive pre-school where everyone feels included and valued.”

Manager Truly Bruce said “The team and I work to achieve the best outcomes for the children at the pre-school, we reflect our practice and are always looking at ways to improve.

“It was lovely to have these outstanding findings confirmed by the inspector.

“We aim to teach the skills that children need to move on to school, and for their future.”