A COLCHESTER grunge and punk artist has released her first album, describing it as a "freeing" experience.

Bridget, 21, from Colchester, has been making a name for herself through performing grunge, rock and punk songs throughout Essex.

She released her very first EP, Damage Reversal, on February 13.

The EP contains five predominantly grungy songs which are also influenced by punk and alternative rock.

Bridget said: "It feels so cool and so freeing to release my first EP.

"These are the last lot of the first songs I have written. It’s been a long time coming and I feel like I can move on to the next bit now

"The five tracks cover all of the clichês of growing up and changing; love, loss, highs, lows, messy nights, memories etc.

"There is a song on there for almost every occasion."

Gazette: Perform - Bridget singing one of her songsPerform - Bridget singing one of her songs (Image: Bridget)

Bridget said: "It’s been a long time coming but not because they’re just my first lot of songs I’m putting out. 

"Once I decided on an order of release, I got in the studio - shout out to Tom Donovan Studios in Rowhedge - and boom.

"Like a lot of artists, we can be very impatient and want everything done right away and have lots of ideas at once.

"That’s a bit of a challenge, staying cool and calm when you need to and trying to get your band in the same place at the right time to record and rehearse."

Bridget also primarily has female-fronted bands and musicians supporting her on tour. 

She continued: "It is so important to have female-fronted bands and musicians come and tour with me, but it isn’t just because they’re female.

"It’s because they’re brilliant musicians; women just get overlooked or ignored in the scene, but that is changing more and more thankfully. We need more powerful women on stage.

"Also, I think it’s really important that if you’re given an opportunity to lift other artists up, you should, and even more so if it rebels against societal ‘norms’. Girls to the front!"

Bridget will perform at Coda on February 23.

For more information and to buy the EP go to iambridgetofficial.com.