Over the past two years, the atmosphere and love for women’s football has grown exponentially. The Lionesses won the 2022 Euros, runners-up in the 2023 Women's World Cup, as well as the new-found love for these world-class players. This year, they are earning more and more awards for not only their footballing skills, but their contributions outside of it. 

Mary Earps won the 2023 Sports Personality of the Year award, winning it for her masses of TikToks at the FIFA World Cup, which quickly became fan favourites for their 2 months in New Zealand. As well as winning the Best FIFA Women’s Goalkeeper award two years in a row, deserved for her keeping skills for England and Manchester United. She is also popular amongst the fans of the WSL for her outgoing personality both on and off the pitch, being infamously known for her on-pitch performances before and after her penalty saves. 

The Women’s Ballon D'or is an award that many football fans choose to not pay as much attention to, purely for the fact that its a female footballer winning it, but that hasn’t stopped Aitana Bonmati from claiming her first Ballon D’or for her fantastic season at  Barcelona and her great performances for World Cup winners Spain. 

There has been a great increase in the awards claimed by female footballers, inspiring the next generation of girls into pursuing their dreams of football. They are getting the recognition they deserve for inspiring young girls and being the fantastic footballers that they are.