A YOUNG mother from Frinton has launched a petition to abolish attendance prizes in schools as her daughter’s condition forces her to miss classes. 

Holly Watson’s daughter Rosie, six, was diagnosed with type 1 diabetes two years ago and has since started a lifelong journey with medication and doctor’s appointments. 

As children with this type of diagnosis are seen by a specialist children’s diabetes care team until they are 17 or 18 years old, it means that Rosie has to miss out on lessons to attend her appointments. 

Her mother Holly said: “With her hospital appointments it is impossible for her to get 100 per cent attendance. 


“Other children with different disabilities won’t be able to get it either.

"Sometimes it is just out of your hands, if you get a sickness bug, for example.” 

Rosie attends the Kirby Primary Academy in Halstead Road, Kirby Cross, but has appointments every two months and after-school appointments are not always available. 

“If she has had a hypo - when the blood glucose level is too high - in the morning we need to make sure she is ok, which might cause her to be late. 

“I can’t risk her life over a certificate.” 

Gazette: Attendance - Rosie Watson, 6, is missing school to get to her important medical appointments due to

According to her mum, Rosie was sad once it was explained to her that she would not be able to get one of the prizes offered to students at the end of the year who did not miss a day. 

“I feel like it is more for the school to look good at the Ofsted reviews and less for the children. 

“If you have a genuine illness why not void it or get rid of the certificate?”

Holly has set up an online petition asking to have the practice of rewards eliminated and to celebrate students’ achievements with more equality. 

Kirby Primary Academy was contacted for comment, but had not responded at the time of going to press.