IT has been more than a decade since beloved retailer Woolworths decided to leave our streets.

The company went into administration in late 2008, with all 807 Woolworths stores across the country closing between December 27, 2008, and January 6, 2009, resulting in 27,000 job losses.

Woolworths Group plc officially entered administration on January 27, 2009, and it was officially dissolved on October 13, 2015.

Since then, Woolworths has been nothing but a subject of reminiscence between friends and family.

That was until this year, however, when the Woolworth Germany boss Roman Heini raised hopes around the country by hinting he is looking at returning the brand to the UK.

He said the UK is on his "bucket list" of destinations to bring the discount store back to. 

In the same interview, Mr Heini also announced the trademark has been secured for the brand across the whole of Europe, including the UK.

Gazette: The old Woolworths shop in Colchester High StreetThe old Woolworths shop in Colchester High Street (Image: Newsquest)

With the news of its possible return, we asked Colchester Gazette readers they would like to see a store back in the city centre.

The overwhelming amount of Colchester residents said yes, they would love to see it back.

Antony Charman said: “That’s a stupid question isn’t it, what do you think the answer is?

“It’s a big fat YES.”

Adrian Evens agreed, saying he would “love” to see its return.

Liz Adams added: “They could go in the old Wilco site, nowhere else big enough I wouldn’t think.

“After their previous store burnt down, they moved down lower High Street but then moved out of Colchester as the shop wasn’t big enough.”

Meanwhile, Mandy Francis joked: “Yes, as long as they do the pick and mix.”

Colchester boasted two Woolworths shops in its then-town centre over the years.

The store in the High Street went up in smoke after a fire broke out in a pile of cushions on a linen counter on October 2, 1973.

Gazette: Almost 200 firefighters battled the inferno at Woolworths in the High StreetAlmost 200 firefighters battled the inferno at Woolworths in the High Street (Image: Newsquest)

Almost 200 firefighters from all over Essex and Suffolk battled for 12 hours to stop the blaze spreading along the High Street.

The devastation caused £2.5 million of damage and the flames were so huge the police originally feared a bomb had exploded.

Despite the efforts from the emergency services, the building could not be saved.

Woolworths had been trading in the town since 1914, occupying its base in High Street since 1965.

Following the blaze, a £4 million rebuilding programme began and the shop was reopened in October 1975, boasting a new butchers and bakery.

It was finally brought back to Colchester by popular demand in 1998, reopening in Culver Square.

However, the much-loved retailer went into administration in late 2008 and subsequently closed.