ORGANISERS of two popular festivals which celebrate the history of Colchester have revealed plans to join force and stage one major event.

The Colchester Medieval and Oyster Fayre will be collaborating with the Roman Festival this year, forming the Roman and Medieval Festival.

The new, one-of-a-kind event will showcase the life and technology of both the Roman and Medieval periods of history. 

Gazette: Fight - A medieval re-enactment taking placeFight - A medieval re-enactment taking place (Image: Roman and Medieval Festival)

Don Quinn, the Roman and Medieval Festival's director, said: "The name has changed as the two separate festivals have now amalgamated to become one.

"The oyster fair will continue to be represented, the name has only changed due to it becoming a bit of a mouthful."

Gazette: Dress - A woman in medieval attireDress - A woman in medieval attire (Image: Roman and Medieval Festival)

Bosses of the festival confirm that despite being removed from the name, oysters will still be a part of the long-running event. 

Don added: "The oyster fayre is a very old tradition that has always had a fayre or celebration of some sort.

"Colchester is the centre of the place which produces the best oysters in all of Great Britain so it will continue to be represented."

Gazette: Kitted Out - A roman soldier at the event Kitted Out - A roman soldier at the event (Image: Roman and Medieval Festival)

The festival usually boasts a combination of food stalls, craft stalls, historic re-enactments and alcohol, including mead - all of which will be retained for the new event.

Children will also be able to dress up as both Roman and Medieval characters. 

Don said: "There will wider range of locally produced food to showcase the excellent things available in the Essex region.

"There will also be some terrific re-enactments which showcase aspects of historical life. 

"Roman and medieval technology and clothing will be strewn throughout the festival, it's amazing how many things of the past still resonate today."

Gazette: Life - People dressed as medieval citizens at timely stallsLife - People dressed as medieval citizens at timely stalls (Image: Roman and Medieval Festival)

This year's festival will take place on the weekend of June 1 and June 2.

Single day adult tickets are £10, adult tickets for two days are £15, and under 14s go free.

Don added: "In these difficult times, the tickets are a bit of a bargain for a nice family day out.

"We want children to get a chance to see their history."

For more information go to the Roman and Medieval Festival Facebook Page.