The most widely used music platform connects the dots for each individual in discovering your music taste. But how does Spotify acquaint the perfect suggestions for all 165 million subscribers with their own personal tastes. Today’s Spotify includes over four billion playlists to choose from. Some more judgemental suggestions than others.  Are you wondering why you are being suggested ‘feeling alone’ playlists? 


This raises the questions about why this is? In many analyses it shows each suggestion can be based off certain behaviours and characteristics. This evolves through the system tracking multiple features, for example the time of day, location, and age. Many studies have shown location has a major effect on your music taste. Their research suggests this through the change in overall trends and playing habits. These listening habits will change depending on age, around 55 percent of Spotify users are aged 18 to 34.  Although the age range varies largely, some users may use the Spotify share function. This allows multiple individuals to listen to the same song at the same time. In spite of that this can only be used by the 182 million premium subscribers. Even so this helps to influence what people listen to and bring new recommendations to people worldwide. 


These are not the only key features that influences what people listen to.  It can be affected by three other key features, such as lyrical content and language, song features and past listening habits. Granted that this is all affected by the users interaction with the song. Whether the person listens to the song for more than 30 seconds, although if the individual listens for less than 30 seconds any songs that are alike will no longer be recommended. The past playing habits helps Spotify recommend weekly music in the discover weekly playlist. One of these key features can assist in detecting the listeners behaviours from the use of language to display the artists and the persons mood. This therefore reflects the several mood changes throughout the day a person experiences and will proceed to assemble similar music for that time of the day.  The indicated artists already stated through certain use of language can therefore advice similar artists.  


Through this research it has highlighted how advanced the Spotify algorithm is and how it affects everything a user sees.  This highly relies on the recommendation engine which advocates content based on certain media users that has previously been listened to. In addition, each persons save for later determines your suggested playlists. These factors all play a massive role in the way Spotify judges your personality and allows Spotify to be the inspiration to your music taste. Through all these minor reflections of your selected music, it can influence your behaviour depending on the time and location. This may fill your wonders on why Spotify is so perfect or question how it may judge your characteristics.