Valentine’s day is right around the corner, the air growing thicker with every passing day brewing like a storm of love until it finally rains down arrows of Cupid on Wednesday 14th of February 2024 just like every year for the past 1,500 years since it’s creation. According to about 52 percent of the world population celebrated Valentine’s day last year; that’s a whole 4,221,794,719 people! (around 4,200,000,000)

In the UK, a school in Cambridge are some of those preparing for this magical day. The students of Cambridge Academy of Science and Technology (CAST) are feeling the heat as the prom committee has devised a clever way of raising money for year 11 prom,  making people give a pound for a well-decorated love letter to be sent (with a message) anonymously to that special somebody. Some students at CAST (they have asked to be kept anonymous) say that this plan by the committee will not be successful due to the lack of interest by most students as they feel that it isn’t technically a personal letter “made with love” but a factory made card with a letter given to a requested person for a pound.

On the other hand, there are some who think it’s a great idea as it really keeps the idea of anonymity throughout this magical event. Though my question is “How do they plan on giving the card to the receiver?”