Embarking on the adventure of being an international student in the United Kingdom was one of my ambition-fueled, scholarship-winning decisions. Moving to London School at the age of sixteen meant much more than moving to a new city, but also that I would dive into a new exciting and positively challenging life.

The attraction of this life, for me personally, is undeniable. Newfound independence starts with getting to know your surroundings, through new culinary skills and eventually extends to meeting different and fascinating individuals, expanding social circles that could prove invaluable in the future. The life of an international student is an interesting life exploration that can lead to finding a best friend for life or even a soul mate, transcending cultural boundaries.

However, under the whole surface of this exciting journey, there are challenges that test the readiness for the real life of an adult, mature individual. Homesickness can be a frequent companion in this case, making the foreign environment seem frightening and lonely at times. No matter how many friends you have around you, there are times when the longing for the familiar still prevails, such as the physical presence of your parents, home-cooked meals, and the safety of your own home.

From personal experience, navigating life as an international student is not always easy. Language barriers and different mentalities, different cultures and peoples can make the transition difficult, but the essence is in the courage to leave everything behind and make this move. The decision to start again, without a clear picture of what lies ahead, testifies to the strength and determination of those who embark on this life's journey.

This article should not be my personal story, this is an encouragement to young individuals to step out of their comfort zones. Life as an international student may have its challenges, but the courage to try new things, and venture into the unknown, is a valuable life lesson. For those who scoff or belittle the decision to go abroad, remember that trying and realizing it's not your cup of tea is a victory in itself. There is no timeline for research, but young people provide a unique opportunity to embrace new experiences, make mistakes, and ultimately shape the narrative of their lives.