The UK has currently been going through a lot of storms and winds, as seen, we've been through not only Storm Isha, but also Storm Jocelyn. The real question here is, how are the people of the UK are coping with the winds? 

As someone who has recently come back from a tropical country, it's safe to say that the winds are slightly extreme. With everything, from bins to people toppling over in these cold conditions, it's clear that we aren't coping very well. Cyclists have certainly been struggling the most as they are cycling into strong headwinds, with nothing but the force from their legs to keep them going. 

A young female, Charis Gunja, has commented on the headwinds and walking in these horrible conditions:

Honestly, it's such a pain to walk through this wind. Even though I take the bus, the walk to the stop is so gruelling, trying to push through this wind is not for the weak.

As we can see, these conditions aren't for the weakhearted. As someone who has recently come back from a country with not many winds, to the culture shock of 2 storms in the same week, it makes me wonder how the old people of the country are coping, as they may not feel strong enough to be able to get out and about to exercise or get their necessities, restricting them from fresh air. It keeps them safe, but at what cost? It's gruelling, it's cruel and it needs to stop. 

A lot of wildlife is being affected by these winds too: birds being thrown off track, the oceans being more aggressive, trees falling over, the list goes on. These can cause danger not only to the wildlife, but to the people around it, and hopefully one day there will be a solution to these strong winds and stopping them from toppling things over.