As the cold dark days of winter linger, many people find themselves wishing for an escape to warmer climates and they may turn to someone like Tracie Winer, the owner of Exemplar Travel, who specializes in luxury holidays. Tracie has been working in the travel industry for over 27 years and she has a wealth of knowledge. She loves her job and takes great pride in not only selling holidays but selling dreams to her clients.  Tracie’s journey to success began as a hobby when colleagues recognized her talent in travel planning. They were so impressed with her skills that they entrusted her to book their holidays, which she did with enthusiasm.

I asked Tracie what luxury destinations are gaining in popularity and she told me that destinations such as Dubai and Croatia continue to be top choices for travellers, but that more people are opting for experiential holidays, to places such as Japan, Kenya, and Zanzibar. Swimming with pigs in the Bahamas, to riding the luxury Blue Train in South Africa are some of the special requests that she has fulfilled.

Tracie is passionate about getting to know her clients so that she can design a truly bespoke holiday. Testimonials from her clients show that she has been instrumental in setting the scene for unique romantic proposals and that she is dedicated to meeting the needs of all travellers. One such request was arranging for some bespoke training equipment to be found for a client in their accommodation. It would seem she certainly goes the ‘extra mile’.

I asked Tracie where her favourite destination was, and she struggled to pick just one place, as she told me that she had visited so many wonderful places. Some of these places include experiences with Bengal tigers in Chiang Mai, being pulled along by huskies in Iceland, and visiting the beautiful beaches and cities in Vietnam and Cambodia. Without a doubt, her honeymoon in South Africa was one of the most special memories she had. According to her, South Africa offers an array of unforgettable experiences, from the vibrant city of Cape Town, and its renowned wineries, to the awe-inspiring animal safaris. Her office walls are adorned with numerous photographs of these breathtaking holidays, serving as a testament to the remarkable adventures she has had.

So where in the world has Tracie yet to travel to? One place that she would like to visit is Canada, because of the diverse experiences it has to offer. It seems that what makes Exemplar Travel so successful, is the personal and knowledgeable customer service that you are given. So, if you are looking for a unique and luxurious holiday, why not give Exemplar Travel a call and speak to an award-winning travel expert, who seems to be very motivated to help you make some unforgettable memories?