Want a cheap night out filled with fun and amazing music ??


Three Wise monkeys is the perfect place for you. 

Next week Three Wise Monkeys (Colcehster) will be host to a “Battle of the bands” event set up by AJ from Black Cactus Studio. The event will consist of two great evenings filled with young artists coming together to perform and compete against each other. 

The dates of the two events will be Monday the 29th and Tuesday the 30th of January. Each night will be a brilliant setting for bands to display their talent and potential to all who come and watch. The tickets are priced at only £3 each and free entry for students. 

The event has been set up by Black Cactus Studio and is designed to create “a platform for young artists to showcase their talent, gain confidence in their performances and learn from others in the industry” 

Both evenings will be judged by none other than “Pet Needs” who have helped to put the event together. “Pet needs” are also the band who judged the ”Battle of the bands” back in June last year.

I was fortunate enough to take part in last year's Battle of the Bands and all I can say was it’s a night I will never forget. It was amazing to meet new musicians and bands from the local area. I was amazed by the talent and shared experience that many of us face such as there not being enough opportunities for young musicians since the Covid-19 pandemic. Everyone was so excited to be able to share their passion for music in such a fun, welcoming and new environment. 

The winners of last year's battle of the bands were “The Strays” who won the entire competition and were granted a free recording session at Black cactus studio alongside a cash prize. They will be back to perform on both nights of this year's battle of the bands to display their talents and progress since winning last year. 

Personally, I will be involved myself next week performing in my own band, “Just 4” and all I am hearing from people around me who are involved is that they just can’t wait. It is going to be so fun to see old faces from last year and new talent this year.

Colchester’s music scene is forever growing and events like this are really going to help the young local artists and give them a real chance to shine and gain more experience  to guide them further in life not only in music but the general way of life by helping growth in communication skills, confidence and general socialising. 

Thank you to Black Cactus, local teachers,” Pet needs” and Three Wise Monkeys for making this event possible. From everyone involved, We can’t wait!