A much-loved wildlife park near Ipswich has featured on a Channel 4 TV show featuring Johnny Vegas. 

Johnny Vegas: Carry on Glamping returned to screens at 9pm on Wednesday, January 24.

The programme follows comedian Vegas and his assistant Bev as he looks to expand his vintage camper van business, which was fully booked out for the summer season in two days following the first series of the show. 

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One of Suffolk's biggest tourist attractions, Jimmy's Farm and Wildlife Park in Wherstead, which is owned by TV personality Jimmy Doherty, is one of the sites that Vegas was interested in putting up a glamping site. 

Viewers caught glimpses of the camels, pigs, meerkats and capybara as the group toured the site. 

The wildlife park welcomed the birth of some baby capybara pups on Christmas Day 2023. 

While Vegas was initially excited at the prospect of building the campsite on the farm, Doherty was more hesitant.

"Running a business is very difficult, so I do want to help them out," said Doherty.

"At the same time, I want to go through his figures... he's probably got all the sums done..."

It quickly became clear that Vegas wasn't quite sure about several of the logistics, including how many camper vans he wanted to have on-site, and he had no business plan.

"You two sound crackers!" laughed Doherty.

"The romance of it, I totally get, but you can't just say 'we are going to have all the mad vehicles and it's going to be great' - if it's going to be a business, it has to be run like a business." 

Vegas realised quickly that setting up at the Suffolk farm would not be cost-effective, and the show ended with him deciding to continue the hunt for a new glamping site.