The Cat House in Norwich has recently opened its cat flap and welcomed not just enthusiastic visitors but furry friends as well. I've had the pleasure of visiting this cafe and speaking to the creator of this furry family and cat loving community, Sarah Price. 

Cat Cafes have become the new craze in the UK as we all become hypnotized with a love for these furry faces, but The Cat House in Norwich offers something unique and different. Sarah infused her passion for art alongside the cats when she was travelling the country visiting cat cafes. She told me that “none of them satisfied the part of me that thrives on creativity”. A way in which she showcases her love for art is the Felis Gallery which offers a constantly unique and changing array of glorious feline artistry from local artists of which most are available for sale or to inspire those visiting. The Cat House actively encourages visitors to become involved with this creativity through their workshops which generally inspire cat lovers with a whole host of glorious creative cat-ness.  

A small selection of interactive activities which you can do with cats are Cat Painting Classes where you can indulge in your creative side while being up-close and personal with the cats. There are also Cat photography workshops which involve learning to take unique and purfect cat photos and cat board games evenings which are an easy-going, social session with over 25 cat themed games. And recently, the talented Mark, a local graffiti artist from Demograffix created an amazing mural of a stunning ginger cat bursting out of the car park wall. For those interested in learning a bit about graffiti art, Mark is running a 2.5-hour workshop about spray painting graffiti style. 

At the heart of this Cat house is a purrfect blend of community support and charity. And one of the amazing ways they demonstrate this is through their “Home to Home Rehoming Service”, an initiative that connects cats in need of new homes with loving families in the community. Sarah has been able to “rehome 19 cats since September, and not one of them has needed to go into a rescue center and live in a cage until they get adopted”. They extend this generosity to raising money for local cat rehoming organizations throughout the year; running private sessions on Mondays and Tuesdays for private bookings, mostly charities, at a reduced entry fee. And This Cat House also goes above and beyond by offering “locally made cakes and sweet treats by the mother and daughter team ‘Dancing Bee Bakes’ and coffee sourced by the local brand “Strangers Coffee”. 

So, if you are looking for an indulgent cat experience where you can relax with cats keeping you company, play with the willing playmates and make new friends with likeminded cat lovers then I highly recommend visiting the Cat House as they offer something for everyone.