A TEENAGE musical prodigy who has been singing and song-writing since she was 12 years old has released her first single... at the age of just 16.

Eve Elyne, who is from India but moved to Colchester two years ago, has released her début track, entitled My Lover.

The talented Gilberd School student wrote, composed, performed, and produced the entire track herself.

The music video, which is four minutes long, was filmed in various locations around Colchester and Dedham, and was revealed on Friday, January 12.

It currently has nearly 5,000 views and 186 comments, and was arranged alongside Alan Jones, a sound engineer and founder of Colchester’s Black Cactus Studios.

Gazette: Debut – Eve Elyne has aspirations of becoming a touring musicianDebut – Eve Elyne has aspirations of becoming a touring musician (Image: Teal Meadow)

Eve first started putting notes on a page music four years ago when she took inspiration from various singer-songwriters like Justin Bieber and Billie Eilish.

Her dream, unsurprisingly, is to become a touring musician, and her hope is the recent release of My Lover will set her on her way.

But music is not the teenager’s only strong suit, nor is singing her only musical skill.

She is also the head girl at Gilberd, a sports captain, diversity champion, and a runner-up in the school’s public speaking competition.

Eve, who also has her Grade 6 in keyboard and Grade 4 in drums and can play both the acoustic and electric guitar, is also a cricketer selected for the Essex Women’s Team and England’s emerging players program.

Gazette: Multi-talented – Eve Elyne can play the drums, guitar, and pianoMulti-talented – Eve Elyne can play the drums, guitar, and piano (Image: Teal Meadow)

But for all her commitments, it is music which offers some succour, assuaging the hardship of leaving India two years ago.

In a recent interview with Indian digital media platform OpenDigest, she said: “Music helped me to understand who I was and to find a solution to calm me down.

"It helped me not to stress out – it was something that I was very comfortable doing and something that I was able to be creative with.”

Eve’s music video can be viewed on tinyurl.com/4wjp5k32.