The Hungry Bedouin was set up by two food lovers with roots in Spain and Morocco and it is easy to see why it has such rave reviews. 

The restaurant, in Connaught Avenue, Frinton, offers delicious southern Mediterranean and north African-inspired food and opened in the town just over a year ago.

The brand has been endorsed by star chef Raymond Blanc. 

Bedouin are nomadic Arab tribes who historically inhabited the desert regions of the Arabian Peninsula, in North Africa. 

Gazette: Front - The storefront of The Hungry Bedouin Front - The storefront of The Hungry Bedouin (Image: Grace Capel)

Upon entry, I was welcomed with a smile from both of the workers in the restaurant and invited to sit at any of the wooden tables and chairs available. 

The entire setting is covered in wooden panels and full of décor of the same material and plenty of plants and low-hanging lights. 

Gazette: Shade - The warm feel to the inside of the venue Shade - The warm feel to the inside of the venue (Image: Grace Capel)

African hip-hop was playing quietly in the background, adding to the warm and cosy feeling of the eatery. 

Once me and my partner had sat down, we enjoyed the unique setting before reading the menu.

We both ordered the cola on offer, which came in a unique can branded Karma Cola.

This was my first time drinking this brand and found the drink was a lot sweeter and slightly more lemony than the usual Coca-Cola you would find at a restaurant, but presented itself as a very refreshing and tasty beverage. 

Gazette: Drink - The Karma Cola available in the restaurantDrink - The Karma Cola available in the restaurant (Image: Grace Capel)

To order food and drink you have to walk up to the bar counter and speak to the worker there.

As we moved on to food, I opted for the seafood linguini, which cost £21, and my partner decided on the grilled halloumi salad, for £8.90.

Gazette: Tasty - The seafood linguini Tasty - The seafood linguini (Image: Grace Capel)

The seafood linguini came with incredible prawns, mussels, squid and well-cooked spaghetti. 

I found it delicious, especially as the prawns were cooked so it was easy to take them out of their shells. 

Gazette: Scrumptious - The grilled halloumi saladScrumptious - The grilled halloumi salad (Image: Grace Capel)My partner informed me the halloumi salad was incredible, as the halloumi had the correct texture and its soft flavour complimented the rocket nicely. 

I really enjoyed my experience at The Hungry Bedouin because of the brilliant food, excellent customer service and unique setting of the venue. 

Other items available at the restaurant include cocktails, falafel, shaksuka and other Moroccan and Mediterranean foods.

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