Winter Wonderland, the world’s best destination for festive fun has opened its doors offering a Christmas thrill in London, Hyde Park. Winter Wonderland offers a variety of attractions, activities, entertainment, food, and drink and so much more to make this Christmas, a Christmas like no other. And I had the pleasure to interview the event director Suzy Griffiths, who offered some insight into this year's Christmas festivities. 

Infamously, Britain has had an outcry of poor reviews from so called “Winter Wonderlands” including Lapland’s New Forest in 2008 with outrageously expensive tickets ranging from £30- £25 per ticket. Lapland’s New Forest Christmas theme park which promised a glorious Winter Wonderland but in reality, it sounded like a barrel of laughs as the ice rink became a pool of water, the, 'Santa’ was caught smoking, elves arguing with angry customers. But what makes Winter Wonderland in Hyde Park one which does not disappoint? 

We have all heard about Winter Wonderland, as a well-known tourist attraction during the winter season but how did it begin? Since 2007, Winter Wonderland has been infusing London with a new Christmas spirit, but this story began with humble beginnings as a small, open-air Christmas market in Hyde Park with a limited selection of temporary fun fair rides which was “very much inspired by the European Christmas markets such as those in Cologne”. Suzy also stated that “At the time there, wasn't really a festive fair in London so it was a real trial to see if it would work”. Fortunately, Winter Wonderland is now celebrating its 16th anniversary as an extravaganza filled with an outstanding variety of attractions, street food stalls, festive bars, and live music, creating a Christmassy atmosphere like no other.  

Hyde Park Winter wonderland opened their gates to “2.5 million” Christmas spirits in 2023 who were attracted due to it being so diverse and having something for everyone. “There are attractions that all the family can enjoy, rides for thrill seekers, romantic spots such as cosy cafes and the Giant Wheel, and great live music bars for those who want to start the Christmas party with a good old sing-along".  But in particular the most famous is the “Munchen Looping” which is the world's largest transportable roller coaster which continues to be a standout jewel in the Winter wonderland crown and “is always a hit with everyone each year”. In order to create a “balance of old favourites and new exciting content each year, we try to add new or interesting things that we can find around the world and bring them to the event”. So next Christmas, when you are thinking about something to raise the Christmas festivities make sure to look out for Hyde Park Winter Wonderland which is “very likely to come back into action on the third week of November”.