On Thursday the 28th of December 2023 I was on my way home from shopping and decided to go the KFC takeaway restaurant in St Neots to order a meal with my family. We attempted to place our order through the Drive Thru Speaker System but nobody replied back to us and took our order.

We continued to wait patiently for a staff member to take our order but despite desperate efforts there was still no reply. As we drove around the Drive Thru puzzled as to what was happening in the current situation, we then saw the staff member who had not answered us through the machine and he assured us that he was ready to take our order now.


He then convinced us to drive around once again to the Drive Thru Speaker. For the second time we attempted to make an order through the machine. However, the same staff member on the other end was extremely rude. He screamed loudly and wouldn’t listen to us. He then bursted out with laughter and wouldn’t take our order. 


Consequently, we had to leave the Drive Thru. A witness to this disgraceful behaviour named Natasha Earle said, “I am absolutely disgusted at this appalling customer service.” Natasha Earle also said that she had never in her life witnessed anything like this when going to a Fast Food restaurant. I am extremely shocked and so disappointed by the lack of respect and service given to paying customers. I cannot believe that customer service has gone downhill so much and I think this is horrendous.