In the heart of our community lies a beacon of hope and light in the form of Abbey People. An organisation built around community coming alongside people as neighbours, Abbey People is emulating the tight knit neighbourhood that many relied upon as a support network years ago.


Their ceaseless diligence has given rise to community pillars such as the big lunch and the summer fête, fostering connections and strengthening bonds. This allows for a perfect environment for people to come together and just have fun.The extensive repertoire of activities, including family events, youth clubs, and training activities, reflects their commitment to the holistic growth of the community, particularly the youth.


 Another core aspect of the organisation is their “Helping Each Other” thread which addresses people's basic needs. Through visiting those in need of support, drop-ins, donations to the local food hub and their amazing work with the local green spaces and sustainability, it is made possible. 


Nicky Shepard has been a dedicated worker with Abbey People since its inception in 2013 (however it stemmed from a project that was around since the late 90’s). Nicky emphasises that she always had a strong calling to do everything she could to help in her community, and believes people should strive to serve their community as much as possible.  She describes it as “one of her core values”. Her pivotal role in the organisation aligns with her passion for making a positive impact. Even if this opportunity hadn't presented itself, Nicky would have found another way to contribute, recognizing the essential role such organisations play in communities.


Charity work especially in your local area is profoundly rewarding and at Abbey People it is no different. Throughout the year these people are witnessing the benefits of their work, evidenced by seeing many people who previously came to them during tough times share how important their support was to them. They see those people get through the hard parts of life, get jobs or start to volunteer, and turn it all around. Even those not facing severe difficulties reach out and thank the charity for bringing the community together and acknowledging the boost it provided in forming meaningful connections.


One of the proudest moments noted by Nicky Shepard is seeing those people whom they have previously helped rise through volunteering and start working for Abbey People as part of the team because they felt a calling to help their community the way it helped them.