A BRAVE young girl who valiantly beat brain cancer has been described as “an absolute warrior” as she now prepares to do battle with a new health complication.

Amelia Jones, 10, of Colchester, was devastatingly diagnosed with Grade C (Stage 4) Non-Hodgkin's Lymphoma Cancer back in November 2022.

The 24mm mass was found behind her pituitary gland after she had an MRI scan after being told she had Addison’s Disease, which can cause weakness and fainting.

Amelia’s earth-shattering cancer diagnosis cruelly came around the same time her mum Gemma Jones, 35, had an ectopic pregnancy.

Gazette: Bond - Amelia, 10, with dad Scott Jones after they both shaved their hair offBond - Amelia, 10, with dad Scott Jones after they both shaved their hair off (Image: Public)
Gazette: Strength - Amelia Jones, 10, endured months of treatmentStrength - Amelia Jones, 10, endured months of treatment (Image: Public)
But after several months of gruelling chemotherapy, which resulted in large chunks of the schoolgirl’s hair falling out before she shaved it off, Amelia defeated cancer.

Dad Scott Jones, 33, said: “For me and Gemma this was overwhelmingly hard to get our heads around - in reality you hear cancer and all you hear is death.

“We can't even begin to list off the countless things Amelia has faced head on throughout this whole situation like the absolute warrior she is.

“She kicked cancer’s butt with a smile on her face.”

By the time Amelia had fought-up off the brain tumour, however, her pituitary gland had been destroyed and she has now not grown for nearly two years.

As a result, she has been diagnosed with Panhypopituitarism and must now endure regularly rounds of growth hormone injections to help build up her strength.

“So Amelia is currently awaiting the next process of starting her growth hormones which is an injection every day to help her start growing,” said Scott.

“Her immune system is a lot lower than normal so we have to be extra careful with her.

Gazette: Family - Amelia, Gemma and Scott JonesFamily - Amelia, Gemma and Scott Jones (Image: Public)
Gazette: Inspiring - Amelia Jones, 10, has beaten cancer, but she now faces a new battleInspiring - Amelia Jones, 10, has beaten cancer, but she now faces a new battle (Image: Public)
“Her last scan in November was clear and her next MRI is in February, then the next is four months after and so on for the next five years.

“She has regular blood check-ups every month as well as cognitive test to see what damage its done to her brain.

“We are both nowhere near as strong as Amelia. She is an inspiration to so many.”

To donate to Amelia’s fundraising campaign visit tinyurl.com/2p979589.