A PSYCHOLOGIST who has ADHD has praised how a much-loved celebrity shone a “positive” light on the condition during his time on a popular ITV series.

Michelle Shavdia, 39, of Colchester, who is qualified in coaching psychology, was diagnosed with ADHD two years ago at the age of 37.

Since then she has launched her own business - Find Your Spark - which supports children and adults with the condition in Colchester and the surrounding areas.

Michelle has, therefore, been left delighted with how television personality Sam Thompson has brought national attention to ADHD during and since winning I’m A Celebrity Get Me Out Of Here.

The television star, known for appearing in the scripted reality programme, Made In Chelsea, was diagnosed with ADHD when he was 30 years old and even made a documentary about his journey. 

Gazette: Success - Sam Thompson at Heathrow Airport Success - Sam Thompson at Heathrow Airport (Image: PA)

“I think it has done wonders, I think it shone a positive light on the condition, he also showcased the positive aspects of ADHD which people aren’t normally aware of," said Michelle.

“I think he is a great ambassador for ADHD.

“It makes me feel encouraged, inspired, hopeful, and optimistic, especially when he said he wasn’t ashamed of having ADHD, as neither am I.

“We need to break down the stigma and he did that so brilliantly when he talked about it." 

Gazette: Support - Michelle Shavdia smiling for a photoSupport - Michelle Shavdia smiling for a photo (Image: Michelle Shavdia)

Michelle’s Find Your Spark provides supportive one-to-one coaching around ADHD, group awareness sessions, and therapy.

The expert is constantly in disbelief over the negative perceptions people have of ADHD and believes there needs to be more focus on the positives.

According to Michelle, many people with ADHD are “engaging, charismatic, fun, enthusiastic, and have a can-do attitude” - traits which Sam displayed on the programme.

She said: “I work with a lot of children, and they still say to me ‘there is something wrong with my brain’ - I want to help them grow up not hating themselves and the condition.

Gazette: Educating - Michelle Shavdia leading a ADHD self-care support group session at The Chill Out CentreEducating - Michelle Shavdia leading a ADHD self-care support group session at The Chill Out Centre (Image: Michelle Shavdia)

“People still think it is something to be ashamed of or only naughty school children have, Sam demonstrated that isn’t the case, there is so much good from having ADHD.”

Recently, Michelle appeared on comedy duo Rob Beckett and Josh Widdicombe's Parenting Hell podcast to speak about the condition.

Michelle will host her next ADHD Awareness Group on January 30 at The Chill Out Centre, in London Road, Colchester.

To find out more, head to tinyurl.com/yc4vbzw5.